Let me introduce you to one of the Five Natural Laws of Success that literally changes lives.  It’s the Law of Large Numbers.

The picture above illustrates it perfectly.  This particular Sequoia tree is representative of the Law of Large Numbers by the measure of time it took to get this large – maybe 2000 years, maybe more.  However, in a short time, it will be no more, and 2000 plus years of growth will come to an end.   It can’t be put back together.  The only way to get a Sequoia this size will be to start over.  And let it grow. And grow.  And grow.  For another 2000 or so years.  More than 98% of us will not live long enough to see another grow that big in its place.

Note the axes.  No chain saws here.  Thousands and thousands of chops, the Law of Large Numbers in this instance means that chopping this tree with an ax could happen thousands of times before the final blow would be the one to bring this giant Sequoia down.

The photograph above illustrates two competing examples of the Law of Large Numbers.  On the one hand, it likely took this Sequoia thousands of years, 24,000 months, to grow this big.    On the other hand, the end for this Sequoia is soon to come after thousands of chops with an ax.  In both instances, a huge result was obtained (the Sequoia grew;  the Sequoia was chopped down) from repeated actions, that is, through the Law of Large Numbers.

The analogy regarding the Sequoia in the picture, and the Law of Large Numbers, applies to our lives, and whether we will live to be a success, or a failure.

It only takes 780 months from the time you are born to reach age 65.  That’s not a very large number compared to the life of a Sequoia.  It’s very important, therefore, if you want to be successful, that you take advantage of every month by using that time wisely.  Each of us only has three choices in that regard—we can take actions to grow to success, we can do nothing, or we can engage in activities that chop at our success.  Most of us do some of all three.

If you want to be a success, you have to use the Law of Large Numbers in a positive fashion to grow big, while avoiding those things that, over time, can bring down your success. 

There is no point in being a thief because you will almost never be successful in the end.  The Law of Large Numbers makes it so.  You may steal one hundred times and get away with it.  But, there likely will be a time when you get caught.  The Law of Large Numbers makes it so.  Courtrooms are full (go there and watch) of people that get caught.  Lawyers make a living off of the Law of Large Numbers.  Sadly, those getting caught usually have to start all over.   They’ve effectively chopped their own tree down.

To be sure, the Law of Large Numbers says there will be some that will not be caught, just as there will be some that are caught the first time they do something.   Over time, most get caught, and end even otherwise hugely successful careers.  Bernie Madoff and O.J. Simpson illustrate that fact very well.

A little over one-hundred years ago, we didn’t have cars that could travel 70 miles per hour, and we didn’t have texting.  Drink too much and fall off your horse, and you were likely the only person physically hurt.

Not so much today.  Like a chain saw to the Sequoia, nowadays, bad results can happen in much shorter time.  Get in an accident at 70 miles per hour, and it’s likely that a host of people besides you will be killed or injured, not to mention a lot more property damage.  If you’re the cause of the accident, everything you’ve worked for, as well as others, can be destroyed in an instant.

Texting while driving is the Law of Large Numbers working against you, and it’s not a good thing.  The first time you do it, it’s a big deal because you know you’re not supposed to.  Likely, you’ll get away with it.  Same with the second time.   And the third time.  You may get away with it 100 times, maybe even a thousand times, and because of the Law of Large Numbers, you’ll get more confidence from each previous time you do it that nothing bad will happen.  At some point, it will become habit, that is, you do it automatically.  Then there will be that special text – a disagreement with someone, or running late to work.  You will be distracted for just a millisecond more than usual.  Hopefully, no one gets hurt.

 It’s easy to see that well before a child becomes a 21-year-old adult, The Law of Large Numbers has given young people plenty of time to develop habits.  It’s imperative that from birth, the habits developed are good habits.  Good habits that can lead to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being, as well as success in financial, work-related and social efforts.  People that live a long time generally succeed in every one of these areas.  It’s hard to enjoy financial success if your health fails you.

Let’s put this to some real life situations.  If you own a car, chances are that you wouldn’t run the vehicle’s motor as fast as it could go all the time every day.  If you did, you could expect that your motor would wear out a lot sooner.

Yet, from a very early age, a lot of us ask our bodies to go all out every single day.

An orange is nature’s way of providing nourishment to our bodies in the healthiest way possible.  As we chew the orange, some juice is released immediately.  However, we swallow some bits of orange where the pulp sacks have not been broken.  These later break down as our digestion process works, releasing juice later on over time.  The orange is an ingenious food.  This allows a healthy pancreas to produce, in a healthy manner, what is needed to digest the orange over time instead of all at once.

However, when orange juice, which we often take the pulp out of to make more drinkable, hits our digestive system all at once, our pancreas has to go full speed to produce more enzymes to process everything at once, or our blood sugar spikes.  For most of us, we don’t notice the difference because early on, our pancreas is up to the challenge.

 It’s the ax and the Sequoia, though.  Chop, chop, chop.  Through the Law of Large Numbers, we do it over and over and over.  It might be one thing if it were just a glass of orange juice every day, but usually, it’s not.  A lot of the times, it also includes energy drinks, soda pop, coffee and weight gain, all of which cause our pancreas to perform time and time and time and time again at levels closer to racing your car engine.  Chop, chop, chop.  Through the Law of Large Numbers, your pancreas eventually starts wearing out.  It’s unable to keep up with the demands, and pre-diabetic symptoms, then diabetes, come about requiring artificial assistance at processing what we put in to our bodies.  So, for a fifty-year old with diabetes, they will likely live an average of 8.5 years less than a fifty-year old without diabetes.

It would be one thing if you could stop the behavior causing diabetes and return to the way you could have been.  However, it’s like the Sequoia above—you can’t put back what’s already been chopped out.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to never have orange juice, or even an energy drink.  Pick four days a week to go without, but start with one day a week.  Not very many people work every day of every week of every month of every year.  We usually take weekends off with vacations once in a while to recharge our batteries.  It’s no different for your pancreas.  It needs time off to recharge. Make the Law of Large Numbers work in your favor.  Each week, take one day off from all drinks but water, to best ensure success each week, and through the Law of Large Numbers, develop a new and better-for you habit.

The Sequoia Project is aimed at teaching children to do successful things, and actually achieving a little more success each month.  Hopefully, what has been written is helpful to you doing that for yourself as well as with others, including your children or grandchildren.

Teaching your child the Law of Large Numbers can have a huge impact on their success in at least five ways:

1.     It’s a law of absolute truth.  That is to say, a given event may or may not happen.  The approach is to be truthful (may happen) as opposed to using scare tactics (will happen), which often don’t work.

2.     It’s rational.  One of the biggest issues in parenting is the emotional tension that comes from a difference of opinion, especially in the teenage years.  Having your children make good decisions on their own is preferred to making them do what you say (which can lead to rebellion);

3.     It’s non-judgmental.  As long as the consequences are set up in advance, when something undesired happens, you can’t be deemed unfair when the consequences come to pass.

4.     It’s constructive.  It’s just the way the Law of Large Numbers works.  Every day, the paper, the news, the internet provide examples for constructive conversation between parent and child.  No need to talk down to them—they’ll come to the conclusions on their own if they have a good working knowledge of the Law of Large Numbers;

5.     It will give you and your child an extreme advantage.  Children are like small trees – They have exceptional potential ahead of them to take advantage of the Law of Large Numbers to realize success. The longer kids can grow in a positive environment, the better their chances of success.

Unfortunately, our younger people aren’t exposed to The Law of Large Numbers in a meaningful way until they go out on their own.  One of the first exposures to The Law of Large Numbers is the lottery, where none other than the government impresses upon them the need to buy lottery tickets, with nearly 50% of 18 year olds buying into the lottery.  Despite the fact that there is a greater risk of getting struck by lightning, or even more surprising, being struck by a meteor shower, total state lottery ticket sales in the United States were $77.3 billion in 2008 (U.S. Census Bureau, November 24, 2009).

To illustrate that through The Law of Large Numbers, that’s $77,300,000,000, or about $239.00 per person, or about $20 per month.  Redirected, $20.00 a month, with annual return of 9% per year, from age 18 to age 65, could be about $157,781 available for retirement.  The lottery, even if played each and every month for 43 years, applying the Law of Large Numbers, means almost 100% chance you will not win the big prize even once during all that time.

Do things over and over that will result in success.  Minimize, and better yet, avoid things, even once, that will threaten your success.  In other words, grow like a Sequoia, but keep the axes away.

And now for the answer to the $64,000 question.

A Roth Individual Retirement Account (Roth IRA) currently allows a person to invest $5,500 a year into a retirement account (current IRS rules here:  https://www.irs.gov/retirement-plans/roth-iras ).

An individual investing $5,500 per year, or $458.33 per month, from the time they are born to age 65, getting a 12% annual return on investment, would have a Roth IRA account worth around $77,000,000 at age 65.

At age 65, if this $77,000,000 earned a 1% annual rate of return, an additional $770,000 per year, or about $64,166 per month, would be generated, tax free to spend as you please, for as long as you live. The $77,000,000 is left over every year, so as long as you can get at least a one percent (1%) return on your investment every year, your monthly income of about $64,166 per month will go on as long as you live.

The Roth IRA is a powerful personal tool available to most people. Unfortunately, most of us wait far too long to be able to get close to this result.  The Law of Large Numbers at work again.  It’s probably not your fault.  If you didn’t learn about it as a child, along with the Five Natural Laws of Success, on the one hand, The Law of Large Numbers has gone on without you, leaving you significantly less time to grow (i.e., missed opportunity).  On the other hand, The Law of Large Numbers has firmly entrenched your previous way of life as habit, making it far less likely and much harder to change to take advantage of opportunity.

Still, no matter your age, there is time to succeed. Subscribe to The Sequoia Project for $60.00 per year, and I’ll personally guarantee that if you implement and apply the Five Natural Laws of Success for one year, you will have easily paid for your subscription and feel and see yourself achieving ultimate success in life.  It can be as easy as $5.00 per month. Your subscription will include:

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Here’s some other important information.

I don’t earn money from advertising products of other companies or people. Why?  It’s simple.  I work for you, and seeing you succeed, not advertisers.  I don’t share your information with anyone.  First, it’s not at all in your interest that I do that.  Second, I want you to feel confident that I’m always looking out for you and your success.  Third, I want the freedom to tell it like it is to give you the best information and options, based on my 60 plus years of experience, not the second best, not the information an advertiser has paid me to promote.  Finally, I’d rather pay you, through my affiliate program, to help others be successful.  So you can picture what I’m talking about, it’s easy to find a big tree — they stand out.  But, my goal is to have a healthy forest.  Just so you know, no purchase is necessary to become an affiliate.

My goal is simple — to make your life enjoyable.  Being successful is enjoyable.  My goal is to keep it simple.

There are really only two things that can’t be replaced.  Time.  Good health.

I just unsubscribed from a good company that didn’t respect my time.  They e-mailed me offers up to three times a day.  I’m not going to do that.  I’ll be blogging every other week, out of respect for your time.

In keeping with my goal to keep it simple, here’s my evaluation criteria of the offer before you.  If you make or save more than $5.00 per month by becoming a subscriber, then it makes sense to sign up for a year.  At the end of the year, if you haven’t made or saved more than $5.00 per month after becoming a subscriber, then it makes sense to ask for a refund.

The Law of Large Numbers is a powerful law.  It is just one of the reasons I am confident I can deliver far more than the price of the subscription.  I am looking forward to working with you to maximize your success!